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Wesley Anne

Autumn Menu



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Trio of dips with sourdough (vg) $12

Rustic Plate with olives, pickled & grilled vegetables, cold cuts, cheese, 2 dips & warm bread (Vegetarian option available) $26/ $21 (veg option)




All $12

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder on brioche buns with smoked paprika mayo (2 pc)

Mushroom Tartlets with porcini & Swiss brown mushrooms, herb salad & vincotto (v)

Seared Baby Squid with fennel, chilli, lemon and wild olives (df gf)

BBQ Baked Beans with smashed sweet potato, cheese & warm bread (v vg)

Braised Meatballs with grilled capsicum and toasted sourdough

Roasted Corn & Coriander Fritters with tomato kasundi relish (v vg gf df)



All $9

Broccolini & Green Beans with roasted pine nuts & garlic (v vg gf df)

Roasted Kipfler Potatos with roast garlic and rosemary (v vg gf df)

Side Salad with cucumbers, shallots, fresh herbs and verjus dressing (v vg gf df)



Soba Noodle & Marinated Tofu Salad with coriander, pickled ginger & miso dressing (v vg df) $19 Add prawns +$3.00

Beetroot, Black Lentil & Asparagus Salad with nuts, fresh herbs & verjus dressing (v vg df) $19

Baked Ricotta Gnocchi with Napoli, béchamel, warm bread and & cos salad (v) $19


House Made Meatballs with rigatoni pasta, Napoli, basil & grana padana $23

Grilled Pork & Herb Sausages with sauerkraut, greens, garlic mash & mustard garlic sauce $23

Chicken, Leek, Smoked Ham & Cheddar Pie with crushed peas & garlic mash $23

Grilled Lamb, Spiced Cauliflower & Quinoa Salad with coriander & yoghurt dressing $23

Smoked Trout Risotto with asparagus, peas, lemon & dill $23

Roasted Lamb Back-strap with fried gnocchi, hummus, fresh herb salad $30

Grilled Scotch Fillet with potato gratin, braised black lentils, cavallo nero & red wine jus (gf option available) $30

Grilled Whole Baby Snapper with fresh greens, wakame, ginger & chilli sauce $30 (df)



All $12

Peanut Butter Parfait with chocolate fudge sauce & chocolate torte (gf)

Wesley Anne Ice-Cream 3 house-made ice creams/ sorbets with short bread & chocolate sauce (v)





Trio of Dips w Sourdough  12
Rustic Plate w Olives, Pickled & Roasted Vegetables, Cold Cuts, 
Cheese, Dips & Warm 
26 Vegetarian 
all 12
Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder On a Brioche Bun w Smoked Paprika
Mayo (2)
Braised Meatballs w Grilled Capsicum & Toasted Sourdough
Seared Baby Squid w Fennel Chilli, Lemon & Wild Olives  DF GF
Roasted Corn & Coriander  Fritters w Tomato Kasundi Relish  V VG 
Mushroom Tartlets w  Porcini & Swiss Brown Mushrooms, Herb 
Salad & Pecorino  V 
BBQ Baked Beans w Smashed Sweet Potato & Warm 
all 9
Roasted Kipflers w Confit Garlic & Rosemary
Broccolini & Green Beans w Toasted Pinenuts & Garlic
Side Salad w Cucumber, Shallots, Fresh Herbs & Verjus 
Dressing SWEET 
all 19
Beetroot, Black Lentil, Asparagus Salad w Nuts, Fresh Herbs 
& Verjus
Dressing  V VG DF
Soba Noodle & Marinated Tofu Salad w Coriander, Pickled 
Miso Dressing   V VG 
Ginger & 
Baked Ricotta Gnocchi w Napoli, Béchemel, Warm Bread 
& Cos
Salad  V 
all 23
Chicken, Leek, Smoked Ham & Cheddar Pie w Crushed Peas & 
Braised Meatballs w Rigitini Pasta, Napoli, Basil & Grana 
Grilled Lamb, Spiced Cauliflower & Quinoa Salad w 
Coriander & Yoghurt Dressing  GF
Smoked Trout Risotto w Asparagus, Peas, Lemon & Dill
Pork & Herb Sausage w Sauerkraut, Greens, Garlic Mash & 
all 30
Grilled Whole Baby Snapper w Fresh Greens, Wakame, Ginger 
& Spicy
Chilli Sauce DF
Roasted Lamb Back-strap w Fried Gnocchi,  Hummus & Herb 
300g Scotch Fillet w Potato Gratin, Grilled Asparagus & 
Mushroom Jus
(GF option available) 
Peanut Butter Parfait w Chocolate Tort & Praline 12
House Made Ice Cream w Chocolate Fudge Sauce (see 
specials board) 
Add Prawns  

(gf:gluten free, df:dairy free, v:vegetarian, vg:vegan)


- All meals with bread components can be removed


- Certain meals can be made vegan & vegetarian


- Please notify staff of any allergies